Our raw powders are superior.. they cost more, but they are very good quality, 99.8% i have seen,. so for example. if i make test 300, then the dosage is right.. but some powder suppliers get powders cheap that are only 47% pure.. which means if they make a test 300, its less than test 150mg per ml.. do you understand?  thats just 1 reason


Our raw powders are ultra fine, the quality is so good that they dont take as long with mag stirring (metal removal) or filtration.. many labs have to filter twice because powders are so shit...


our manufacturing is done in an environment that is hepa air filtration, negative air etc,... ultra sterile.. many labs even make it at home in a kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!


Integrity, honesty.. if i am asked to make a primo thats 100mg per ml, i will make it exactly that... because of the cost of raw pwoders, many labs will not make it 100, they will cut it so its only 70-80, so they make more money.. they are dirty scammers.. i am honest, and would never do that.


All our solvents that are added to the mix are usp grade,they are as clean as can be.. many labs choose cheaper alternatives you can buy on bloody ebay!!!!

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