1. What is BITCOIN?

Bitcoin is a digital currency with no central authority or banks controlling it. Bitcoin is fully decentralized. From a user perspective, bitcoin is pretty much like cash for the Internet. Bitcoins aren’t printed, like dollars or euros – they’re produced by people and businesses, running computers all around the world, using software that solves mathematical problems. Bitcoin can be used worldwide by anyone with a computer/smartphone and Internet access. Also, bitcoins are the first example of a cryptocurrency, a well-known growing new category of money. There are a plenty of good articles you might want to read before starting with Bitcoin. Here you can find answers to probably all questions you might have: https://bitcoin.org/en/faq

2. Why Should i Chose BITCOIN?

There are at least five incontestable advantages to pay with bitcoins:

1. You stay anonymous! Any wallet can have multiple (as many as you want) addresses for receiving and sending bitcoins. These addresses are not associated with your personal info! Account verification might be mandatory for Bitcoin Exchanges, places where you can buy bitcoins for fiat (USD, EURO,etc.), but you don’t need to do this for your personal wallet or wallets. So, if you buy bitcoins at Coinbase your account is associated with your bitcoin wallet. However, nobody knows where to and what for you are sending bitcoins. You can use temporary intermediate wallets for higher safety

2. If you pay with bitcoins we will deliver your order 1-2 days faster, because Western Union and Money Gram require sometimes up to 48 hours to get payment confirmation.

3. If you pay with bitcoins you get extra discount from us.
For Domestic warehouse – 5% discount, no code is needed.

4. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency. As compared against Western Union or Money Gram bitcoin-transfers are fast and they cannot be blocked by any authority! If you pay by WU or MG they can block your payment for some reason. In this case, you will need to resend your payment, which implies additional fees, time losses and inconvenience. With Bitcoin you won`t ever face such issues. Bitcoin transfers are always easy, fast and smooth.

5. Availability 24/7/365. You don`t need to think when to find time to visit a bank, WU office etc. Do you have holidays or night-time at the moment? With bitcoin it does not matter. If you need to transfer bitcoins at 3 a.m. on Sunday, they will be transferred at 3 a.m. on Sunday. You don`t even need to leave your house. Only a computer/smartphone and Internet connection are required.

3. How and where i get BITCOIN?

There are many exchanges in Internet allowing bitcoin purchase for USD, EURO or your local currency through conventional payment ways (Visa\Mastercard, PayPal, etc.). We prepared for you the list of the most popular and trusted exchanges. Please note, most of these options require user verification before bitcoin purchase, in line with KYC/AML regulations (Know Your Customer/Anti Money Laundering). This is a formal/regular procedure, which is done only one time, when you register an account. As we noticed in I.2 exchanges know, that you buy bitcoins, but they cannot know where to and what for you send them. In our store customers receive all the time different bitcoin addresses to send bitcoins to.

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